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Just some polyvore-made outfits from my favorite character's wardrobe!

*That 70's Show was created by Mark Brazill, Bonnie Turner, and Terry Turner, aired on Fox from 1998-2006, and was produced by Carsey Werner television. No copyright infringement intended.

pianopunk said: please please do Laurie. I love her style!

That sounds like fun! Absolutely! I’m finishing up my masters thesis right now so there won’t be any new posts for two weeks, but after that this will go at the top of my requests!

4 weeks ago
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Another menswear set because I’m too lazy right now to watch a screen cap a new episode. 

Once again, as I am a female and have never dressed a man before, let me know if I’m too off the mark on this! The sister-set of this one can be found here!
Ramble On by jackiebbee on Polyvore
JACK & JONES Cotton Blazer, $41 / Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans / Brown leather military boots, $44 / Boohoo Slub Mix Jumper in Slim Fit / Elegant Analog Watch for Men with Diamond Dial Inlayed
2 months ago
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All in budget! I think the back of her blouse has a rocking horse on it? I didn’t include that in mine… weird, you think it would be easier to find a shirt just like that…
Who Are You by jackiebbee 
Boho top / Flared jeans / Tie shoes / LOFT necklace / Panacea hammered jewelry / River Island white belt, $34
3 months ago
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Just finishing up the last outfit from the pilot episode. Forego the vest for a pastel sweater, but kept the light blue button-up underneath. 
Pilot by jackiebbee 
Miss Selfridge sweater, $25 / Long blouse / Topshop skirt / SPURR knee high boots, $39 / Kenneth Cole chain necklace
3 months ago
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I’ve bumped this ahead after a request from smashleygail. Her question regarding the sweater can be found here where I provided a few different options then I’ve posted here.

Here I did another couple of sweater ideas, because sadly I can’t find one just like Jackie’s. Starting top left I have a black symmetrical pattern, which I think resembles faces. Bottom left is a camo pattern with some red/pink in it. Top right is a color block pink/cream dealio, and bottom right is a knock off of a Jill Sander sweater, I believe, from Amazon, bringing it to an affordable $26 :) The shoes are slightly over, and a few of the sweaters are closer to $70, but all in all everything is not too expensive.  If any of you come across any cool sweaters you think would match better, let me know!
Man With Money by jackiebbee 

French Connection camouflage top / Mandi floral top, $37 / River Island super skinny jeans, $34 / T strap wedge shoes / Pilgrim charm jewelry / Boohoo hoop earrings / Women’s Red Fleece Multistripe Crewneck Sweater / Anna-Kaci S/M Fit Multicoloured Artsy Abstract Face Portrait Pullover…
3 months ago
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lucid-perceptibility said: Godbless. I have been searching for her looks for so long. My queen ^

Aw, thank you! I’ll post some more soon! :)

1 month ago
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Sorry for the long hiatus. Can’t promise much over the next month or two while I finish up my dissertation, but I do promise that I will not abandon my blog! 
As for my outfit, picked a geometric shirt for this one in bold colors. I was having difficulty finding a good blouse and just chose to be “inspired” instead. 
Man With Money by jackiebbee featuring a keyhole blouse
Worthington keyhole blouse / Mango zipper skinny jeans, $34 / Fashion Focus summer wedge shoes / Imitation handbag, $38
2 months ago
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I decided not to do a sweater in honor of warmer summer weather. The ruffles of the original sweater were incorporated into the outfit with the use of the peplum. I wanted bright accessories as well, so it’s a happy looking outfit, and it’s all in the $50/item budget! :)
Who Are You by jackiebbee 

Peplum top / A line skirt / Special occasion shoes / Kenneth Cole gold necklace / Carolee pearl earrings / Wide metal belt
3 months ago
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OKAY! My first foray into men’s fashion and I’m incredibly hesitant. I tried this as per an ask from zachfaust! :)

Before I begin, I would like to alert everyone to the fact that I am a woman, who has no prior knowledge of any fashion (guys or girls) and am solely putting together each set by staring at the computer in confusion until I give up and click an item. That being said, if I have committed any guy fashion faux pas, please let me know. I looked up special rules about matching the color of watch bands, belts and shoes, so hopefully this isn’t too atrocious.

Unlike the girl set, where I put the color in the belt, I put the color in the watch instead. I figured I would start subtle in my first set, and build up from there (I will soon roll out a complete head-to-toe pastel outfit for men… jk). I played with the white collar and patterns with the black and white checkerboard on the shoulders.
Let me know if I’ve done right or wrong, and if this isn’t too horrible I’ll continue throwing in the occasional Jackie Burkhart-inspired menswear!
Pilot Redux by jackiebbee 

Red jewelry / Ask the Missus Rory Plain Lace, $50 / American Eagle Outfitters Slim Straight Jean / River Island Black check yoke short sleeve polo shirt, $20 / ASOS Smart Belt
3 months ago
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smashleygail said: In the episode The Man with the Money, Jackie is wearing a orange and red sweater with 2 faces on it. Do you have any idea where to get one, or one like it?

What a cool sweater! 


It kind of reminds me of a Rubin’s Vase (just a bit more romantic and less old-man-ish). Funnily enough, that’s in my queue of sets to be done, #6, so I’ll bring it up to #1 and try to have it out soon. A sweater like that is a bit hard to find, so I’m going to need a bit of time to find something satisfactory. On my first look, I found a GREAT option… for $900… so obviously I need to keep searching to find something that will fit the budget! A sort-of replacement in terms of fit, clearness of design, and use of curves would be this, for around $38 (plus international shipping if you’re in the US), and this really quirky off-beat option for $47 from Modcloth. Pictured in order of mention below: 

Anyway, those are two really fast options (minus the $900 one, of course)… and by fast that’s about 45 minutes of searching… so I will keep on the lookout and let you know if I see anything else when I publish the set in a few days :)  Thanks for the ask!

4 months ago
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